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Second session at BJ

I didn’t expect that this class would be able to go ahead  given the time of year, the weather and the difficulty WEA branch groups are having attracting new students/learners.  However, I’m delighted  that there are now 9 of you and that we can go ahead for 3 more sessions.  I’ll try to persuade the WEA to let us carry on after that, especially as the branch has asked me to do more courses in the Autumn and next Spring terms.

It’s such a pleasure to work with a group people who are open to new ideas and theory, prepared to consider those in the light of their own experience and also to support one another.  I think this is how learning should be, but sadly often isn’t.

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second class at Arnold

The weather was relatively kind on Monday night compared with the last couple of weeks so no problem about getting to Arnold.  It was nice to welcome Liz as a new member of the class but a little disappointing that the other people who had expressed an interest didn’t show up.

We have three more sessions scheduled.  The missed one because of snow will be replaced by a class during half-term week – 18th Feb. Next week , and probably the one after, we’ll look at memory and forgetting and can discuss what class members would prefer to look at in the last session.  Psychology is a huge subject – as I’ve said before – and this short course is such a small dip into an ocean.


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New class at Burton Joyce

We had our second session today in Burton Joyce library.  The start of this course has had difficulties – illness, the weather, time of year etc  and Sue and I still wrestle with putting up  the wretched screen  However we now have 9 students so the course can go ahead for 5 sessions and possibly more if we can find another couple of students.

Again we have a really interesting group of women with different backgrounds and experience but all open to new ideas and interested in learning from one another.  It’s great to welcome back old friends from the “Introduction to the Psychology of Childhood” course last term  and new people. I thoroughly enjoyed this session and am looking up  recent research on Dementia  (depressing I’m afraid) and refreshing my understanding of Gestalt  psychology (which links to my particular affinity with humanistic psychology). Psychology as a subject is as varied as the human experience, and as fascinating.  Teaching is an excellent way of learning.and I’m happy to research areas I’m very hazy about.  Sites like AboutPsychology can give an overview of the huge scope of this subject and its many applications.

I’m looking forward to session 3 when we’ll look at other theories about memory, some theories about forgetting and the practical application of memory research – eye-witness testimony, retrieved memory etc.  We can also discuss the topic/s for the final 2 sessions.


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Trish now minus gall bladder

Thanks everyone for your messages of support.

In fact the operation turned out to be more difficult than they were expecting as the gall bladder was very inflamed and full of stones, including one the size of a marble.  I also had to spend the night in hospital.  Not a very  restful night though I did spend it listening to very patient, caring nursing going on with an old lady opposite which was heartwarming.  I’ll make the decision tomorrow about whether to attempt the class next week or postpone it until the week after.  I hadn’t realised how much a general anaesthetic mucks up your brain.  I’ll now mine is back in order when I can get a Guardian sudoku right again.